A small atelier in mofossil India, owned and run by two very passionate ceramicists deeply influenced by contemporary Japanese aesthetics is joined by an intrepid Oxford educated Japanese entrepreneur to create beautiful limited edition collections of functional handcrafted ceramics. 

Co-founders of the ceramic studio Bhairavi Naik & Rohit Kulkarni left successful career in mainstream media to set up their one-of-its-kind studio focussed on exquisitely handcrafted ceramics.

Curators of Clay is a pursuit of happiness, peace & beauty, with clay being their medium of choice. 

The vision Bhairavi & Rohit share for their work is simple - they want to craft the best functional ceramics they can with their bare hands and they want their work to be loved, cherished & enjoyed every day. 


Hakuei Kosato, or Harry San as he's fondly known as, has a long love of ceramics sparked by family visits with his father  to Tamba, one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan and the home of Tachikui ware. His serendipitous meeting with Rohit led him to visit the Curators of Clay studio and the connect was instantaneous. The little studio and the two mad ceramicists reminded Harry San of his childhood experiences at humble ceramic workshops in rural Japan where dedicated craftspersons worked with just their hands, their craft and their skill to being unimaginable beauty and poise to tables in the form of beautiful ceramic tableware. 

One meeting led to many more animated discussions, and the marquee 'Curators of Clay and Harry San' was born. An incredible partnership of these like-minded, passionate aesthetes committed to the creation of stunning ceramic ware, all made by hand. 

A certified gardener and very strict yoga practitioner Bhairavi Naik divides her time between the studio and her family in Pune & London. 

Rohit, a scuba diving enthusiast & serious aquarium hobbyist lives with his family and other animals in Pune. 

Harry San lives across 3 countries in two continents, pursuing a variety of business interests in food & design.