Sushi serving set

This is the first project of the unique partnership. 

An exquisitely handcrafted stoneware ceramic sushi serving set which comes in its own stunning handcrafted wooden box.

Where it all started: 

The year 2020 was one hell of a year. The global pandemic saw the world change in ways we had never imagined. As the lockdown restrictions in India relaxed, Harry San made a long overdue trip to the Curators of Clay studio, in mofossil Pune. The connect between the studio, it's co-founders and him was instantaneous. 

It was a fantastic combination of the classic Maharashtrian dinner, the pastoral studio environs, the beautiful handmade ceramics and a conversation that went late into the night which made Harry San immediately initiate a partnership with Bhairavi & Rohit to bring together a true Indo-Japanese collaboration.

The Japanese connection:

Harry San led the way for the project, not just providing a Japanese aesthetic direction but he also decided to further the connect by facilitating an incredible involvement: For the wooden box, he roped in master craftsman Nagayoshi Yosida & his legendary atelier Hakoyoshi from the Yamagata prefecture. 

The final artworks:

The sushi set comprises of a 5 individual serviettes, with their own sushi dip bowls, 5 handmade chopstick rests, a gorgeous sauce pourer & two long serving platters.

Every single piece is handcrafted from start to finish at the Curators of Clay studio led by Bhairavi Naik & Rohit Kulkarni.

The serviettes, dip bowls and pourers are all wheel thrown, the platter hand rolled and the chopstick rests hand built - essentially a complete bespoke handmade experience. The glazes are specially made for this project alone, the blue palette drawing inspiration from the monsoon colours of the Sahyadri ranges of western Indian and the white influenced by the quiet, calm aesthetic of Japanese ceramics. 

The box, is individually crafted at Hakoyoshi atelier of the master woodworker Nagayoshi Yosida in the Yamagata prefecture of Japan. 

Only a 100 of these sets have been made.

Each box is numbered and comes with an authentication certificate - making every single set a genuine artwork of impeccable craftsmanship.